Product information management


In the course of internationalization and increasing requirements for enterprise communication, the demand of professional systems for product information management (PIM) increases. Information need to be managed language and media neutral. However the reality looks different: Data exist in highly diverse forms and are often managed twice - mistakes are bound to occur.

Systems for PIM insure an unified and central data maintenance and integrate highly diverse data piles in one data pool.

The PIM is the central product information platform between merchandise management, sales and marketing. At first it obtains the item core data from the connected ERP system. These data by itself are of little use for marketing and sales. Therefore PIMagento enhances the core data with sales and marketing relevant information. That way merchandise management data evolves to product information, with which the enterprise can realize its strategies and goals in multi channel marketing. 

In PIMagento the database of Magento is extended by PIM features. A user-friendly surface and the possibilities, to illustrate product structures and product relations, builds the basis of PIMagento. With modules and premium features, the functions of PIMagento can always be extended according to requirements. 

Basic features

  • Central product data management in PIMagento
  • Media-neutral data retention for all kinds of output mediums
  • All the product data at one place: Pictures, texts, technical data, item core data
  • Configurable product item structures
  • Easy user interface
  • PIM and online shop in one system
  • Distributed work through web-based data maintenance via web browser
  • Various search and filter functions
  • Structuring of catalogues, price lists or online shops through free-to-define categories
  • Design of the categories via free attributes
  • Allocation of a product or item to various categories
  • Variety of structures and assortments concerning language versions
  • Various attribute types for displaying of all the product data
  • Separation of values and units
  • Individual attributes for products, categories and product relations
  • Delivery contents and sets can be described with own attributes
  • Bunking of attributes in groups or attribute sets
  • Easy allocation to products with mass data handling possible
  • Connection of products with single items
  • Affiliation of items with products
  • Usage of products and items in single categories (output mediums)
  • Display of equipment products
  • Allocation of up-selling and cross-selling products
  • Bundling of single products and items in sets with individual attributes
  • Displaying of stock lists
  • Allocation of delivery contents
  • Custom view on the selection and order of product data
  • Table view can be formatted similar to Excel
  • Various search and filter functions simplify the selection
  • Selection changeable with drag & drop in back end
  • History of dates of edition
  • History of back-end user actions

Premium features

  • Flexible MAM attributes replace the gallery in Magento
  • Graphically and intuitively operated interfaces for a connection to MAM
  • Simple allocation and assorting of media assets from the MAM in PIM
  • Any number of media assets per attribute
  • Pictures, videos, documents etc. can be allocated to attribute groups and sets individually
  • Pictures can be managed in the context of marketing texts or the like
  • Deep integration with the open source MAM of PIMagento
  • Previews in PIMagento wil be directly updated for every adjustment
  • Serves as API for other MAM systems
  • Configurable import and export function
  • Mass data editing in Excel
  • Configuration through individuell settings
  • Individuell requests can be saved as a profile 
  • Configuration by default criteria in saved requests
  • Standard requests are executed time-controlled
  • Individual combination of content in the categories of PIMagento
  • Simple rendering of XML-, PDF-, or InDesign-documents with the PIMagento publisher
  • Selection of languages in back-end
  • History management for documents shows date, document's name and user
  • Documents are available for download in the history
  • Predefined port to Trados
  • Import and export can be executed manually or time-controlled
  • Deliver and receive XLIFF-format to and from TMS systems