The open source e-commerce software Magento

Magento is a professional e-commerce software on an open source basis. Equipped with the fullest functionalities of a licensed enterprise shop system, Magento became the leading open source solution for online shops.

A large and fast growing developer community enhance Magento continually with new features. That guarantees the up-to-dateness and sustainability of the system.

Modular structure, maximal flexibility

The basic version of Magento is randomly scalable and extendable with a variety of extensions. This is possible due to the modular structure of the software. This way, individual needs and demands for the shop system can be realized custom-made. The shop software grows flexibly with the demands of the shop operator and is therefore perfectly suited for the B2B sector, always with update possibilites. There is, for instance, the possibility to create a login area to show customer-specific prices, for example. At the same time Magento allows for displaying online catalogues without customer accounts, prices and ordering processes. Functions like an extensive product description with categories, filtering functions, a convenient search for distributors and an optimized search function with Solr can be used in any event.

Basic features

  • Operate multiple shops from one back-end
  • Direct language and country assortment
  • Portray B2B and B2C in one assortment
  • Flexible tamlates even for mobile devices
  • Product-displaying optimized for small screens
  • Check-out on one page simplifies mobile shopping
  • Flexible navigation structures
  • Every item can be allocated to several categories
  • Attributes can be saved as a filter criteria
  • Simple and flexible structure of filter navigation
  • With PIMagento convenient relations between items can be created
  • Accesories, up-selling and cross-selling can be arranged individually
  • Categories like top-seller, recommendations etc. can be designed freely
  • Gross and net prices
  • Crossed prices and discounts
  • Scale of prices
  • Customer group prices
  • Currencies
  • Flexible one-page-check-out possible
  • Optimized for mobile devices
  • No browsing anymore - high convenience for your customers
  • Can help to reduce the high bounce rate during check-out
  • Managing of customer groups
  • Allocation of scale of prices
  • Separation of B2C and B2B customers
  • Combination of kinds of shipments and payments
  • Has many configuration options
  • Allocation of customer accounts
  • Attachement to external service providers
  • Narrative URLs are created by default and can be configured individually
  • Individual page titles can be chose freely
  • Individual entry of meta tags is possible
  • Dynamic creation of HTML and Google sitemap
  • Various reports on orders, shopping carts, items, customers, benchmark
  • Choice for all the shops or selective singular store views (e.g. for brands or countries)
  • Various filter and configuration possibilities
  • Export functions for excel or CSV data

Premium features

  • Search for distributors, convenient to configure in the back end
  • Attachement to google maps
  • Optimized for responsive web design - therefore also for mobile devices
  • Adaption to your design
  • Depiction of distributors on the overview page
  • Additional depiction of detailed information with pictures, opening hours, individual content possible
  • Professional search - open source
  • Full integration into Magento
  • Multi-store support
  • Responsive auto-suggest
  • Spell-checking
  • Individual field-weighting (e.g. search results in the name will score higher than in the description)
  • Default setting of preferred search results in search word level
  • Search only in current category
  • Full regard to availabilities and visibilities