TYPO3 the content management system


Fast and simple Management of content

With a growing amount of information or products and high change dynamics, the maintenance efforts of websites grow considerably. A web content management provides remedy.

With the license free system content can be created and edited in a simple and fast way. The up-to-dateness of your website can be constantly guaranteed. Your website can be continually adjusted according to search engine optimization requirements. The integration of your Magento online shop is easily applicable.

The implementation - clear execution allows for quick adjustments and additions

Design and content are consequently separate in the implementation. The design is centrally defined in so called templates. These templates can be constructed in various ways depending on the intended purpose. Only then the implementation in TYPO3 starts. This happens in a close arrangement with the customer and always by the newest standards. That way the web design is constructed with templates in responsive web design.

Beyond that, TYPO3 provides the best basis for individual function extensions. Various extensions are available. With the inclusion of extensions, the functionality of the website increases. 

Basic features

  • Modules build flexibly applicable building blocks for page layout
  • Page adjustments are therefore easy as no new templates have to be programmed
  • Modular structure is a requirement for responsive web design - optimization also for mobile devices
    • The TYPO3 community is large - as is the amount of extensions
    • We test the extensions precisely and develop own ones if necessary
    • Additional functions can be custom-build and therefore applied for you
    • All news in one folder
    • Individual allocation for general news, press area or fair reports
    • List depiction with previews and summaries
    • Extensive depiction with long texts, pictures and downloads 
    • Automatic archive function
    • Pictures and Documents can be easily uploaded via Drag & Drop
    • Clear folder structure for media assets
    • Mass-editing possible
    • Automatic picture rendering for small screens saves resources
    • Pictures are delivered in the way it is needed for the depiction
    • Back end visual display of pages for testing
    • Visual display of pages also in the responsive mode for various screen sizes
    • User rights for data, folders and categories
    • Rights and roles can be adjusted precisely and granular