This is PIMagento

In short: PIMagento uses the benefits, features and continuous developments of Magento CE to the fullest extent. Furthermore it extends these attributes by fundamental issues:

  • in media neutral product data management and maintenance with PIM functionalities
  • in the integration in IT system landscapes with ERP, MAM oder TMS systems
  • in the publication of data not only in online shops, but also automated in your print catalogues, price lists, data sheets or brochures.

Magento CE is the most successful e-commerce solution in the open source sector. License free, it offers its users the full range of functions of a globally successful online shop system. The innovative power of a large and active web developer community guarantees a continous upgrading of the range of functions at the same time.

  • License free open source ­e-commerce solution
  • Continuous progression through a large developer community
  • Individualization with modular extensions

Individualize standards

Every firm is different. Therefore the optimal management of its product information requires a individual solution. PIMagento implements this through the modular software architecture of Magento. According to requirements database publishing, media asset management and interfaces will be implemented into professional translation- and newsletter management systems. Consequently SMEs receive a scalable and upgradable solution for automatic publications, e-commerce, online marketing and multi channel communication. 

How product data find its way into PIMagento

  • Linkage to ERP systems, such as SAP, Navision, proALPHA, TimeLine
  • Integration of MAM and TMS software
  • Finishing and linkage of item core data with sales and marketing information manually. 

PIMagento is the central product information platform between merchandise management, sales and marketing. At first it obtains the item core data from the connected ERP system. These data by itself are of little use for marketing and sales. Therefore PIMagento enhances the core data with sales and marketing relevant information. That way merchandise management data evolves to product information, with which the enterprise can realize its strategies and goals in multi channel marketing.

Product data management in PIMagento

  • Web-based data maintenance allows high availability
  • Definition of product data with attributes and attribute sets
  • Easy of use due to the combination of pictures, texts and technical data

With PIMagento product information is centrally managed and is afterwards available for all output channels of multi channel publishing. The efficiency of the connected marketing processes rises while at the same time the time exposure for data maintenance decreases. Furthermore up-to-dateness and homogeneity of the data can be guaranteed across the media. 

Publishing from PIMagento

  • Integrated online shop and online catalogue
  • Connected database publishing module
  • System modules for media asset, translation and newsletter management

Product communication these days happens through all kinds of channels and media. Online shops or news­letters  added to the classical print catalogue, preferably optimized for PC or all kinds of mobile devices - simply multi channel marketing. PIMagento delivers modified product information to these communication channels. In addition to that, an individual system for the communication mix of an enterprise is build with modules like the online shop, database publishing, media asset management, translation management and newsletter management. So that way with PIMagento product information gets where marketing and sales need it to be - all of that license free.

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